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Zorbent Industrial Multi Purpose Absorbent


and everything else!





Sweep and dispose

Sweep and dispose


100% all natural extremely fast and effective multi-purpose absorbent.

Composed of highly absorptive corn cob by-products, Zorbent Industrial absorbs nearly any liquid on contact. 

Clean up Oil, Hydraulic Fluid, Coolant, Brake Fluid, Antifreeze, Blood, Paint, Acids, Waste Water, and more.

Biodegradeable --- Compostable --- Burnable




Shop and Industrial Applications

Zorbent Industrial is superior to any other multi-purpose absorbent on the market. Hands Down. 

No matter what you spill or need to dispose of, Zorbent Industrial soaks it up in no time at all.

When dealing with hazardous material clean-up, the quickest and most effective way to isolate potentially harmful compounds is through initial absorption and densification.

Using our unique processing methods, the micro-fines in Zorbent Industrial offer unparalleled absorption without the dust or wait time you get with other corn cob absorbents. 

Zorbent Industrial is a highly effective organic solution to wastewater treatment and densification. 

--- Natural and sustainable organic based product

--- 100% non-toxic

--- Carcinogen-free

--- Silica-free

--- Non-abrasive, will not damage equipment, or machinery

--- Encapsulates liquids leaving no dangerous streaks or drips behind

--- Will not leach absorbed material back into the environment

--- Compostable

--- Burnable


Attention Hunters

Zorbent Industrial is an essential!

Next time you plan to make a mess that will need cleaning up, consider having Zorbent on hand.

Spread, Soak, Scoop, and Dispose outside!

It’s that simple.

Hunting Deer Blood Cleanup

Available in 10lb bags, 40lb bags, and in large industrial totes.